About Baseline

Baseline Insolvency Consultants provides support for insolvency practitioners who want anything from a little to a lot of help; regular compliance reviews or a one-off project aimed at reducing costs or improving an area of practice.

The core offering is the undivided attention of a fellow insolvency practitioner with over thirty years’ front-line, smaller practice experience, rounded off with six years as a compliance reviewer at ICAEW. As one of the only compliance specialists who has actually taken appointments, I know what it is like to both look at a firm from the viewpoint of an RPB and sit (or stand) behind that desk and put my livelihood in the hands of my staff.

I believe we can all be proud of the progress that we have made on compliance and transparency during the last ten years Insolvency work is a challenging business; it takes a good degree of practical nous to do it well, especially in these economic times.  But the changes that are coming our way in the new Rules for 2015 and 2016 will make it impossible to carry on doing good and profitable work without significant changes to the way we run our businesses.  Done well; more profit, less aggravation – not done; oh dear.

So, I think it important to offer more than just a compliance service, even if that is where it begins; my reports therefore always extend beyond straightforward compliance into suggestions to improve business practices, staff training and policies , all towards greater profit with less stress. Those are the main elements of what I call “the baseline” and that is where I believe I can add greater value.

To help with that, I have decided this year to launch my own newsletter – “Inside Line”, which I will issue from time to time through the year, with a particular emphasis on preparing practices for the new Rules, and I will also be blogging on other topics here, on this site.


About me

headshot 2#My name is James Harries. After 20 or so years in smaller IP practices, I was offered a partnership at a top 50 firm and started taking appointments. Taking appointments was fine, but I quickly discovered that dealing with partners was really not my thing. An amicable parting followed and I then spent six years as an insolvency reviewer at ICAEW, before taking a career break to travel, work for charities and do that self-discovery thing. Yes, I did discover a few things about myself, including that I quite like this profession, so back to work I came and set up Baseline.

I passed the JIEB exams in 2001 and hold my licence with the ICAEW, as a non-appointment taker. I have no plans to return to an appointment-taking role, but retain the licence just in case there’s a need.

I am single, live in Hertfordshire and, like most compliance specialists, need to get out more.

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