More news about no news

Yes – you guessed it – the latest news about the timing of the new Rules is that there is no news, at least officially. But, there are a number of rumours that have reached my ears and together they go something like this –

  • Because of internal resourcing difficulties combined with an absence of parliamentary time, the Rules won’t come out for October 2016, but should be ready to “go live” in April 2017……
  • But because of the vote to leave the EC, those resources that had been promised for our Rules are likely to be diverted to the urgent review of EU affected law…. (and ours is a part of the department that deals with those rules most of all) so October 2017 is now the target date……
  • Except that we still won’t get the parliamentary time very easily because of the pressure to deal with whatever new legislation is required depending upon what we negotiate with the EU… so a side bet on October 2018 might be in order.

Somehow, somewhere, I remember reading that effective government depends upon retaining the respect of the nation…. Mmm.

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