VA’s revisited – happy, happy, happy!

Yes, I know, compliance consultants are not meant to say they are happy with anything, but there’s always a first time –

My first happy is that, after taking a little time off for a nervous breakdown, I have completed my new review packages for VA’s* (except moratorium CVA’s – life really is too short).

My second happy, is that (with the exception of the initial decision process – see my earlier blog on that subject) I can say that the fundamentals of VA’s remain largely the same.

And my third happy is about the R3 standard terms. As stated on their website and flagged in Dear IP, a new set of R3 standard terms is expected imminently – in fact a rather authoritative bird has chirped about the second week of June. So, if you have a VA in preparation, now, see if you can hold it up until the amended terms become available.

But if you can’t do that, the same bird has warbled that R3 think the old standard terms are fit for purpose in any event. I am not sure that is entirely true, because references to specific Rules like 12A.12-23 (use of websites for specific reports and conduct of meetings) probably don’t work in VA’s created after the Rule has actually been repealed. Some might suggest that because the successor rules are rarely significantly different to the 86 Rules, that one can just apply the former under the supervisor’s general discretion at paragraph 15 of the standard terms, but I am a little cautious about whether the Courts would agree so easily.   That said, if you are worried and can’t wait for the new standard terms, then why not amend the proposals themselves, so that the standard terms are only adopted with the new rule references substituted (see standard terms paragraphs 10(3), 22(3), 30, 46(2), 59(3), 62A(3), 62B(2), 71(2)(c) being the ones I have spotted).

You see – happy, happy, happy…

(*copies of all my new review checklists are available to purchase (free to clients, of course) on application – just ring or email me)

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